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Screenshots and Gameplay Video
Game Description
Programming Implementation
Download WORLD == NULL here
If the link above fail, download the file here and change the extension from .doc to .zip

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WORLD == NULL’s screenshots

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Game Description

WORLD == NULL is a game I created with another programmer at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore during my freshman year.
It is a text-based simulation game. The player has to create an environment out of an empty world. Animals will spawn on different terrain. The animals will interact with one another and with the environment, and ultimately mate to create new animals. New species will also be generated out of evolution between different animals.
Player is able to name the animals and trees created by themselves as if they were the creator of the world, however, the evolutionary of these creatures will generate new species of animals that are named by their ancestory.

On a well created world, the are more animals, and the map will start looking more like a livable terrain.

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Programming Details/Implementation
WORLD==NULL is using C++, using Visual Studio as an IDE.
My programming contribution for the game are as follows:
Implemented the evolution of animals, where 2 different animals can breed to form a new species.
Ancestor list for the animals, and how the new species will be named.
Creation of all objects in game, inclusive of their stats.
Getting river flow from its main source.
Terrain generation based on environmental conditions.

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