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Waker and Woosh

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Screenshots and Video Trailer
Games Description
Waker’s Award and Review
Programming Implementation
Full Playthrough Video
Official Website for Waker(Click here to play Waker)
Official Website for Woosh(Click here to play Woosh)

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Waker’s screenshot

Woosh’s screenshot

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Games Description

Waker and Woosh are 2 games I created with my team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology while I was under the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Summer Program.
Waker and Woosh are puzzle platformer created to education middle school student the concept of displacement,velocity and acceleration. For research purposes, Waker is the story version of the game, and Woosh is the abstract version of the game. Therefore Waker and Woosh have a complete different set of stories, images and music. Further research goals can be found on the game’s link above.
The main gameplay relates to drawing of the platform in order for the player to get past stages, how the drawing works is related to the education concepts, based on the character’s movement.
Waker and Woosh are now being used by Researchers in both the United States of America and Singapore to conduct research on middle school students.

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Waker was a finalist at the first annual Indie Game Challenge, and was one of the Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East 2010. Click on the image above to get to the official website.

Waker’s Review
“This is a really intriguing treatment of very recognisable platform gaming tropes. I love the counter-intuitive dream path mechanic, it forces you to take a very abstract view of the level, and introduces very subtle emergent elements. In fact, it works a little like Linerider crossed with an old skool platformer, which is a lovely idea. The level design is strong and compulsive, with a smooth learning curve.
I’m also fascinated by the pedagogic nature of the game – how the the physics elements are blended imperceptibly into the onscreen action; exactly how it should be done.
I’d love to see a level design tool – this game is absolutely ripe for user-generated content.
A really worthy, beautifully conceived game.”
(A judge’s feedback from IGF 2010 Main Competition)

Some reviews of Waker and Woosh can be found at these websites.
Indiegames blog, Jayisgames,Bytejacker, Bytejacker(winning game of the week).

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Programming Details/Implementation
Waker and Woosh are created using Adobe Flex, and we made use of Perforce as our versioning tool.
I was one of the 2 programmer on the team, and my contributions are as follows:
Co-created main game framework and GUI.
Responsible for game play programming, inclusive of movements and collision of all in-game objects.
Implemented the random generation of obstacles on graph based on games difficulty.
Created moving platforms and obstacles.
Was also proactive with the designs of the game, mainly with the game play mechanics.

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Full Playthrough Video
If you are interested in watching rather than playing Waker, I have attached the entire playthrough video of Waker. Feel free to leave some comments.

Special thanks to Keilaron who played through the entire game and posted his playthrough on youtube.

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