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Speed Run The Game

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Screenshots and Gameplay Video
Game Description
Programming Implementation
Download Speed Run The Game here
If the link above fail, download the file here and change the extension from .doc to .exe

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Speed Run The Game gameplay video

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Game Description

Click here to download the Game Design Document.

Speed Run The game is a Junior year game project my team made.

This is a first person speed run game. The games have several features to allow players to manipulate their movement in order to get through the level. The main fun factor of the game is for the player to feel the adrenaline rush while they are focusing on completing on the level quickly. The game is targeted at more hardcore gamer who like fast paced game, and like competition.

One example of gameplay weapon includes explosion which will propel you up. Another would be switching of gravity, which will cause gravity to be exerted from the point which you shot the gravity bullet onto. One of the latest implementation is the jetpack which allows the player to propel further up when he is in the air.

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Programming Details/Implementation
WORLD==NULL is created using C++, using Visual Studio as an IDE.
Used some of Boost Framework. boost::filesystem/boost::shared_ptr.

Worked with my teammate on some of the DirectX initialization to get the 3D graphics working for our engine.
Worked on the code to get 2D D3D Sprites into our game for UI usage.
Worked on some basic lightings for our game, however was not used eventually.
Created some minor in game level editor tools, before I switched to using 3ds MAX.
Therefore created exporter to convert 3ds MAX .ASE format to the format our level loader takes it.

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