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Screenshots and Gameplay Video
Game Description
Programming Implementation

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Possess’s screenshots

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Game Description

Possess is a game I created with another programmer and 3 artists at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore during my sophomore year.
It is a 2D side-scroller action game. Player controls this Wizard who is unable to kill enemies, but has the ability to move his soul out to possess them and use their ability to his advantage.

Game play features include ghost mode where player moves out of his body, and can pass through impassable obstacles.
Player can freeze enemy and use them as platforms/ This also stops enemy for a brief moment to stop them from attack.
Player can controls enemy, after possessing them for a certain period of them, they become fully controlled. They will join and fight on your side even if you switch them away.
Features 6 allies that will stand in formation. With the archer automatically moving inward to the player.

Not all Art Assets were created during the period of the course, there were Art Assets taken online to help with my video presentation that was otherwise unavailable to the actual school’s copy.

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Programming Details/Implementation
Possess is using C++, using Visual Studio as an IDE, and DirectX for the graphical implementation.
My main programming contribution for the game are as follows:
Inheritance based framework
Event based input
Update and collision based world separation into squares(Similar to Oct-Tree)
Game Objects base class
2D Physics 

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