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Hearts: The Lost Being

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Screenshots and Gameplay Video
Game Description
Programming Implementation
Download Hearts: The Lost Being here
If the link above fail, download the file here and change the extension from .doc to .zip

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Hearts: The Lost Being’s screenshot

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Game Description
Hearts: The Lost Being is a game I created by myself at ERC Institute.
It is an RPG with traditional random encounter turn-based battle. The player is an immortal who seeks to save the world from destruction. The game features the transformation into powerful being to bring about destruction to the enemies.
The game has a full story and NPC interaction that changes along with the story plot.
There are shop and inn which allows the player to replenish their supply of items as well as saving the game.
There is a special boss within the game that will give the player alot of experience point to get to maximum level quicker.

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Programming Details/Implementation
The game was created using DarkBasic Professional.
My programming contribution for the game are as follows:
Configured the environment and game objects
Moving from area to area during different stage of game(Levels)
Random battle encounters
Battle system(Includes movement, change in animation and clicking on commands)
Chat system with NPCs
Item Shop and resting area.
Character movement and collision
GUI, Status Screen

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