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Food Scramble

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Screenshots and Gameplay Videos
Game Description
Programming Implementation
Download Food Scramble here
If the link above fail, download the file here and change the extension from .doc to .zip

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Food Scramble’s screenshot

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Game Description

Food Scramble is a game I created in a team of 4 at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore during my freshman year. I was the producer,programmer and core game designer for the game.

A puzzle-style game, where the player has to control a colony of ants. Foods of different weights are thrown off a table by the player’s command, and the player must arrange the ants with sufficient strength to catch those falling foods.
As described, the game focus on multi-tasking, and making the game challenging for both experienced and in-experienced gamer. Experienced gamer can toss more foods down the table, but will have to face the consequence if they are overly confident, whereas new player can take their time to play the game.
As new ants entering the game have different strength, the player also have to adopt certain strategy and not overuse all the powerful ants, which will cause a shortage of the weaker ones.

The game features an item shop between stages that reward players for performing well, and the player is able to use these items within the game itself to score higher score or get past harder levels.
The game also have three different mode, with time attack mode and food craze mode for people who want to challenge their previous high score.

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Programming Details/Implementation
Food Scramble was created using ProjectFUN, a C++ game engine created by Digipen.
My programming contribution for the game are as follows:
Implemented the way the food drops from the table: food randomly drops into different columns.
Automatic food drop in food craze mode.
Attached audio into game
Hi-score system
Checking of collision between food and the ants, and calculating their strength and weight difference.

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