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Screenshots and Gameplay Video
Game Description
BlockHead’s Award
Programming Implementation
Official Website for BlockHead

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BlockHead’s screenshots

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Game Description
BlockHead is created by One Sheep Two Wheat, a team within Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore for the Junior year project.
I joined the team into their 2nd Semester of development.

It is a 3d Puzzle Platformer. Where the player tries to solve every level by manipulating blocks up the sky in order to reach the goals.
There are many interactions between blocks. Interactions includes normal picking and dropping, rotation blocks, spring blocks, fireballs and many more.

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BlockHead was a Finalist at IGF China 2012.

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Programming Details/Implementation
Font Output with the help of glfont2.
Debugger console.
Sound porting from the game’s previous engine, and created additional helper to further isolate the sound engine.
Game-play coding including many blocks behavior and interaction.
Particle System.

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