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Game Projects

This page contain my portfolio for all of my major game projects.


BlockHead is a game that I made for my Junior year in Digipen.

The game is a 3D puzzle platformer where the player have the use the blocks around the floating world to reach the goal, in order to clear each level.

BlockHead was a Finalist at the IGF China 2012 Student category.
For further information on BlockHead, please click here.

Waker and Woosh

Waker and Woosh are 2 games I created with my team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology while I was under the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Summer Program.
They are puzzle platformer created to education middle school student the concept of displacement,velocity and acceleration.

The 2 games are reviewed on various site, and have won several awards. Waker was a finalist at the first Indie Game Challenge, and was also one of the Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East 2010.
There are also research teams in both the US and Singapore conducting research on middle-school students.
For further information on Waker and Woosh, please click here.

Speed Run The Game
Speed Run The game is a game I made for my Junior year in Digipen.

This is a first person speed run game. Player uses the gun,gravity switching and “bunny hopping” to manipulate their movement in order to get through the level. The main fun factor of the game is for the player to feel the adrenaline rush while they are focusing on completing on the level quickly. The game is targeted at more hardcore gamer who like fast paced game, and like competition.
For further information on Speed Run The Game, please click here.



Possess is a game I made for my Sophomore year in Digipen.

This is a  2D side-scroller action game. Player controls this Wizard who is unable to kill enemies, but has the ability to move his soul out to possess them and use their ability to his advantage.
For further information on Possess, please click here.

WORLD == NULL is a life simulation, text-based game I created in a team of 2 programmer at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore during my freshman year.
The player has to create an environment out of an empty world. Animals will spawn on different terrain. The animals will interact with one another and with the environment, and ultimately mate to create new animals. New species will also be generated out of evolution between different animals.
For further information on WORLD == NULL, please click here.

Food Scramble
Food Scramble is a game I created in a team of 4 at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore during my freshman year.
A puzzle-style game, where the player has to control a colony of ants. Foods of different weights are thrown off a table, and the player must arrange the ants with sufficient strength to catch those falling foods. The game features three different mode. There is an item shop between stages that rewards player for performing well.
For further information on Food Scramble, please click here.

Hearts: The Lost Being
Hearts: The Lost Being is a game I created by myself at ERC Institute.
It is a RPG with traditional random encounter turn-based battle. The player is an immortal who seeks to save the world from destruction. Game have similar RPG features such as talking to NPCs, having item shops and inn, which will also allows saving of the game.
For further information on Hearts: The Lost Being, please click here.

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