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About Me

Hi, I am Chang You Wong.

I am currently a Game Programmer at The Workshop Entertainment, and we have just announced that we worked on The Evil Within PS4/Xbox One/PC version of  the game!

Below is a old portfolio video I have which would showcase my general skills in all aspect of video game development as a programmer.

Quick Overview of my achievements as a Game Programmer

BlockHead Games, a game I worked on at Digipen Singapore was a Finalist at IGF China 2012.

Waker, a game I made with my team during my Internship at GAMBIT was a Finalist at IGC, as well as one games at the PAX East Boston Indie Showcase.

High-IQ Society for the 98th percentile of the population. I scored about 158 on the entrance test back then(Could not remember the exact score).

Summary of my strength and interests

I have a keen sense towards algorithm, and is able to understand them quickly. I will be able to suggest various tweaks in order to make the algorithm work best for whatever situation that is given. Armed with this, I am able to give various suggestions to solve problems.

I am able to learn quickly and adapt to any project’s objective to do whatever that is required for me to finish developing a Game. I have Primarily worked with C++ in Visual Studio, but I have also used C,C#,ActionScript3,Batch Programming, Ruby Scripting.

I am also not shy to voice my opinion. I will contribute idea to the team, whether it is regarding the approach the engine team is heading, or even on the design idea on the games. Therefore I would not just be a game programmer focusing on all my coding, I wish to be somebody to help the team makes the best possible game.

If you like what you are hearing and think that I might be a good addition to your company, do view my CV and contact me at changyou.wong(at) .

My linked-in profile is at .

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