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About Me

Hi, I am Chang You Wong. I am a Game Programmer.

I am currently a Game Programmer at The Workshop Entertainment, working on a Playstation/Xbox One title.

Please do check out this 1 minute short clip of my portfolio before you start touring my site.

Quick Overview of my achievements as a Game Programmer

BlockHead Games, a game I worked on at Digipen Singapore was a Finalist at IGF China 2012.

Waker, a game I made with my team during my Internship at GAMBIT was a Finalist at IGC, as well as one games at the PAX East Boston Indie Showcase.

High-IQ Society for the 98th percentile of the population. I scored about 158 on the entrance test back then(Could not remember the exact score).

Summary of what I am doing and some of my strength and interests

Zephyr Engine Project Oct 13 2013(click to enter project blog)
Aside from working, I began working on a project, Zephyr Engine. The goal of this project is for me to implement and understand more about engine architecture, therefore improving my programmer skills, and of course the ultimate goal is to create a better architecture than any that ever existed.
The main focus of the engine now is to maintain separation(decoupling) of codes, so that the engine could be as robust, allowing people to join and work on it easily, and that separate code could be removed, and inserted into the system easily.

The second goal of this project is to further implement ideas, every time I faces some challenges at work, there could be ways in designing the system so that other programmers would easily uses the engine.

I have a keen sense towards algorithm, and is able to understand them quickly. I will be able to suggest various tweaks in order to make the algorithm work best for whatever situation that is given. Armed with this, I am able to give various suggestions to solve problems.

I am able to learn quickly and adapt to any project’s objective to do whatever that is required for me to finish developing a Game. I have Primarily worked with C++ in Visual Studio, but I have also used C,C#,ActionScript3,Batch Programming, Ruby Scripting.

I am also not shy to voice my opinion. I will contribute idea to the team, whether it is regarding the approach the engine team is heading, or even on the design idea on the games. Therefore I would not just be a game programmer focusing on all my coding, I wish to be somebody to help the team makes the best possible game.

As a Programmer I have internship Experience at 3 companies, Ubisoft Singapore ,Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game-Lab at MIT in Boston and the Game Lab at Singapore.
And as a General Game Developer I have Experiences working on many games as a QA Tester at LucasArts Singapore.

If you like what you are hearing and think that I might be a good addition to your company, do view my CV and contact me at changyou.wong(at) .

My linked-in profile is at .

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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